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New Users to the Career Opportunities System (COS) 

Step 1: Create a COS Account

A personal email account is required to create a COS account. If you don't have an email account you can create one using one of the many free providers such as Hotmail (Outlook) and Gmail.

COS accounts should not be shared, so please DO NOT overwrite someone else’s contact information or application, for this purpose. Doing so may cause difficulties for all parties using the account and prevent them from being
eligible for state employment.

      1. Go to the COS login page by clicking "Search & Apply" in the blue toolbar located at the top of this page
      2. Click on the  “Career Opportunities System (COS) Application” tab
      3. From the COS login page, click the "'Don't have an account' yet?" (blue link directly below the Sign in button). You will be presented with the COS Terms of Agreement. You must agree to the terms in order to create an account.
      4. Complete your account information:  Use your active email address as your username. (Reminder: Each applicant must use their own personal/unique email
        address to create a COS account). Applicants attempting to share a COS account, by using the same email address, will
        experience delays or be found ineligible for state employment
      5. Click the 'Continue' button to be directed to the log in page.

Important: Be sure to remember your username, password ,security questions and answers. These will be needed
whenever you wish to apply to a vacancy. The Personnel Cabinet will communicate information pertaining to
your COS account and job submissions from the contact email address you provided.

Step 2: Search Job Vacancies

          • Click the “Search for Jobs” link. (under the Saved Jobs heading)
          • You can then click a job already posted on the main screen, or  search for jobs by entering keywords with the location, sorting by drop down box, using the narrow selections, and/or clicking “Advance Search”
          • If you want to use the “Advance Search” feature, you can choose from 8 different options.  For example, you can select: 'counties' to view vacancies by county, ‘salary range’ if you would like to view vacant jobs within a certain pay grade, and ‘specific job title’ if you want to know if a particular job title has a vacancy.
          • Remember to clear your search results each time before beginning a new search.

Once you find a job vacancy you are interested in applying to, you will be prompted to complete your application.

Step 3: Application  

        • Select the position you feel you meet the minimum requirements for and are interested in applying to begin the application process.
        • Click “Apply to Job” located at the bottom of the screen
        • If you have a résumé you can import the file by clicking “Import File”. It will auto populate your contact
          information or you can enter it manually.
        • Once completed,  click “save and continue”
        • If you are applying to interim positions, you must choose the counties in which you are willing to work, at the beginning of the application process. To select more than one county, you will need to hold the control key down while using the
          mouse to click on those counties.
        • Answer all questions accurately and thoroughly.  The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required in order to
          successfully complete the application process. Please be aware that the application is an official document
          and will be reviewed to determine your eligibility.
        • Prior to the last screen, it is important to thoroughly review all information and complete any necessary edits. If you so choose, you may print a copy of your application from this screen by right clicking.  You will not be able to edit your application once it is submitted.  When you are ready to apply, click “Send my application”.

Your application to the job vacancy has now been submitted, and you should receive an on-screen confirmation.  You will also receive a system-generated confirmation email notifying you of your successful submission to the job. Keep this email including your 'candidate reference number' for future reference.

Applicant Computer Lab

Please call the Division of Career Opportunities at 502.564.8030 for additional information.

Forgot your COS account email address or password?

If you forgot your password, but know your username and have a working email address associated with your COS account, click the "Forgot your password?" link to have a password reset sent to your contact email. If you do not have a working email address associated with your COS account, call the COS Helpdesk at 502.564.8030 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET) for assistance.

If you forgot your username/email used for logging in, click "Forgot your username?" and enter the required information (First name, Last name, phone number or contact email address).  You will be prompted to answer your security questions in order for the username to be found.  Again, if you are unable to locate your username, call the COS Helpdesk at 502.564.8030 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET) for assistance.

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