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Unclassified (Non-Merit) Job Vacancy Announcements


The following announcements are for current Unclassified (Non-Merit) job vacancies. The process for applying to different job vacancies may vary, so interested applicants should follow the instructions provided within each individual announcement.

To complete an application to be considered for future Governor-Appointed vacancies, click HERE.

Cabinet for Economic Development

Business Development Project Manager

Executive Administrative Secretary, Department for Business Development

Workforce Development Project Manager

Department of Military Affairs

Fire Fighter Crew Chief

Grants Administrator

Information Officer III

Internal Policy Analyst II

Internal Policy Analyst II

Network Tech III

Programmer Analyst II

System Support Coordinator

Youth Worker

Youth Worker III

Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Executive Director, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Executive Director, Office of Budget and Administration

Justice and Public Safety Cabinet

Commissioner, Department of Corrections

Kentucky Communications Network Authority


Kentucky Venues

Director of Sales and Marketing

Director of Operations 

Labor Cabinet


Various Cabinets

Administrative Assistant