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Job Status


A requisition is opened when an agency posts (advertises) a vacancy and remains open up to 90 days beyond certification to the hiring agency. Applications for a vacancy are accepted only during the posting period, but the requisition remains open throughout the interview and selection process.


The vacancy has been filled, or the hiring agency has chosen to not make an appointment.


This is a temporary, administrative status used by the Personnel Cabinet. A hiring agency cannot take any action on a requisition that is 'on hold.'


The hiring agency has chosen to not proceed with the requisition.

Submission Status

Application Incomplete - Additional Information Requested

Your employment application does not contain the information needed to determine your qualifications for the position to which you applied.  You will receive an email communication with specific instructions for supplying the information. 

Application Received by Personnel Cabinet

You successfully applied to the position. No further action is required from you unless specifically requested by the Personnel Cabinet.  Your Job Submission status will update to a new submission status after the hiring agency receives the register (list of eligible applicants).

Application Sent to Hiring Agency

After the job posting end date, the Personnel Cabinet provides the hiring agency the list of applicants who have applied, known as the register.  The hiring agency then has access to your employment application.  Submission of an application to the hiring agency is not a confirmation that you meet minimum requirements for the position.  Nor is it a guarantee for an interview.  The hiring agency has up to 90 days to determine the best fit for the vacancy, complete the selection process and make an appointment.  Applicants selected for appointment will be reviewed by the Personnel Cabinet for minimum qualifications.

Not Approved

It has been determined that you do not meet the minimum requirements for the class title for which you applied.  You will receive an email communication specifically explaining why you could not be approved.

Not Eligible for Consideration

You will receive an email communication explaining why your application could not be sent to the hiring agency.

Not Eligible for Promotional Vacancy

You applied to a position that is only open to current merit employees.  If you believe you actually have merit status, you may email COSHelp@ky.gov or call 502-564-8030 for assistance.

Not Eligible Due to Reemployment

Your application was not sent to the hiring agency due to the existence of a reemployment candidate on the eligible list. Reemployment candidates are laid-off state employees.  State law dictates that they have priority over all other applicants in the hiring process.  If the reemployment candidate declines a job offer for an advertised position, the agency may request the applications of all other eligible applicants.  However, you are not specifically notified when the updated eligible list is sent to the hiring agency.  Your method of notification is to periodically check your Job Submission Status to see if your status for the particular vacancy changes to 'Application sent to hiring agency.'

Position No Longer Available

The selection process for the position you applied to is complete and therefore no longer available or an appointment has been made.


Your application was withdrawn from consideration due to either administrative action, job cancellation by the hiring agency or at your request.