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How to Apply

Applying to jobs within the merit system is an online process.  Applicants do not need to travel to the Personnel Cabinet offices in Frankfort to be placed on registers or to test.  There is no testing administered by the Personnel Cabinet.  

The Division of Career Opportunities provides a computer lab for job seekers who need assistance or do not have access to a computer to submit their applications through the Career Opportunities System (COS). Read more.

            • After searching for jobs posted on the Careers.ky.gov web site, if you find a job in which you are interested and meet the minimum requirements, click on the ‘Apply to Job’  button at the bottom of the job posting.
            • Your account logon page will appear. Enter your e-mail address and password to access your profile and job seeker tools.  Do not overwrite someone else’s contact information or application. Doing so may cause difficulties for all parties using the account and prevent them from being eligible for state employment.
            • The ‘submit resumé/CV’ page will appear, and you can make any changes or add information as applicable and then click ‘continue.’
            • Your ‘Resumé/CV Profile information’ page will appear. You should review and make any necessary changes then click ‘continue.’  You also should review the legal disclaimer on the lower half of the page. By clicking ‘continue,’ you are submitting your application and attesting to the accuracy and completeness of your application, among other things. Your submission of the application is the equivalent of your written signature for legal purposes.
            • Your ‘Application’ page will appear. Review and make any necessary updates. At this point you may also see questions located at the bottom of your application called Preferences and Skills Questions (PSQ). These questions have been selected by the hiring agency as an aide in their screening process. Not all vacancy announcements have PSQ’s listed. Answer any questions that appear and then click ‘continue.’
            • Your submission to the job vacancy has now been entered, and you should receive an on-screen confirmation. This is the final step in applying to a vacancy. When finished, make sure you click 'log out' to close your acount.
            • If you would like to print a copy of your application:
              1. Click ‘Application Print PDF’ to be e-mailed a PDF version of your application copy.
              2. Click ‘Close’ to acknowledge application to be e-mailed to e-mail address if selected to Print Application as PDF.
              3. Click ‘Continue’ and this will return you to the Welcome Screen.
              4. Click ‘Logout’ if finished.
            • In addition, once you successfully apply, you will receive a system-generated confirmation email at the email address listed in your COS contact information. This email also includes your ‘candidate reference number’ as well as other useful, job-search related information. You should keep this email for your reference. 
            • If you do not receive a confirmation email, it may be due to your email provider categorizing the email as ‘spam.’ Many email providers filter ‘junk emails.’ Their filters may mistakenly categorize emails from the Personnel Cabinet as ‘spam.’ To correct this problem, you need to add the email address donotreply@Kenexa.com to your email address book. This will notify your email provider not to divert emails from the Personnel Cabinet. ​