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Before You Apply to a Job


You will need to review the following information prior to beginning the process.

          • You must answer all required fields on the Career Opportunities System (COS) on-line application. If you decide to complete the on-line application please be as detailed as possible and list your complete education earned and entire work history. This information will be used to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for a job vacancy, if you are chosen to be reviewed by the hiring agency.
          • Review the minimum requirements listed in the ‘job details’ for the job in which you applied. Only those who are approved by the Personnel Cabinet as meeting the minimum requirements can be considered for interview or appointment. Read the ‘Description of Job Duties’ section to learn more about the position.  
          • The application is the official document and will be reviewed to determine your eligibility for jobs. 
          • Be sure and apply by the posting end date listed on the job announcement. All vacancies except those designated as Immediate Fill, are advertised for a minimum of 10 calendar days and close at 11:59 p.m. on their listed closing day.  
          • Feel free to contact the Division of Career Opportunities, Applicant, Veterans, and Recruitment Branch at 502-564-8030 or the COS helpdesk via email should you need any assistance with your application, applying to a job or have technical difficulties.
          • Do not overwrite someone else’s contact information or application. Doing so may cause difficulties for all parties using the account and prevent them from being eligible for state employment.