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After you Apply to a Job


You will find detailed information on what to expect after you have successfully applied to job vacancies in the Career Opportunities System (COS).

          • Once you successfully apply, you will receive a system-generated confirmation email at the email address listed in your COS contact information. This email also includes your ‘candidate reference number’ as well as other useful, job-search related information. Please keep this email for your reference.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, it may be due to your email provider categorizing the email as spam.  To correct this problem, you need to add the email address donotreply@Kenexa.com to your email address book. This will notify your email provider not to divert emails from the Personnel Cabinet.
          • You will also receive an email with a link to complete the EEO form. The completion of the EEO form is voluntary and is used by the Commonwealth of Kentucky to collect voluntary race/ethnicity and gender data. The information is used for statistical purposes and to support our EEO objectives. Once the form is completed you will not be asked to complete it after future job submissions. 
          • You may contact the hiring agency to let them know of your interest in their vacancy by calling or emailing the agency contact listed on the vacancy.  After the job posting end date, the Personnel Cabinet provides the hiring agency the list of applicants who have applied, known as the register. The hiring agency then has 90 days to determine the best fit for the vacancy, complete the selection process and make an appointment. 
          • All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. Selected applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for next steps in the selection process. Applicants who are not selected to move forward will not receive notification.
          • Be prepared to submit your original high school diploma and official college transcripts to verify the education claimed on your application if used to qualify you, should you be hired.
          • Keep your contact information in COS updated so that hiring agencies may reach you if you are selected to move forward in the hiring process. 
          • To see if you successfully applied, click the "Job submission status" link on your COS welcome screen when signed in. There, you will find information regarding your status to all jobs to which you have applied. Keep in mind there could be a delay of up to one hour as the system updates your information. In addition, you might receive communication from the Personnel Cabinet informing you of your status as appropriate. View a listing of Job Submission Statuses
          • You may review previous job title posting information (including agency contacts) by logging into your COS account clicking on the ‘résumé/CV manager’ link.  Next, click on ‘view submissions,’ and you will be able to view the posting you inquired about and all information originally associated with it.

Notice to Veterans - If you have not submitted your DD214 or other approved military documents to the Division of Career Opportunities, you must do so before the closing deadline date of the position for which you are applying in order to receive Veterans’ Preference status. View eligibility requirements and required documentation.