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Why Work Here




Kentucky provides one of the most competitive benefits packages available today, with insurance, retirement and leave options to meet your immediate and long-term goals.



A variety of benefits are available to employees based on their position type.  Learn more.



Competitive rates and numerous options for health and life insurance, with payroll deduction options for dental, vision and other insurance. Read more.


One of the best retirement packages available, Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) provides a hybrid plan, with features of a  401(k), and a defined benefit plan, providing a guaranteed payout at retirement. Read more

Leave and Holidays

Team members receive eleven and a half paid holidays each year, in addition to monthly sick, annual, compensatory leave, and a number of special leave options. Read more



Team Kentucky offers a competitive compensation package, comparable to private industry employers and other states, with continuous growth opportunities as you become ready.



The state's compensation plan is determined by surveying and comparing the pay of outside agencies and other states that have employees performing similar duties and carrying similar responsibilities. Pay is received twice monthly.


Salary Schedule

To view the salary schedule, click HERE.



Job Class Specifications

Job class specifications outline the general duties and minimum requirements of a specific job. View job class specifications.


Group of Employees


In a safe, positive, and nurturing environment, we explore our unique differences, and embrace and celebrate the rich dimension that each individual contributes to the success of the whole. Diversity compliments the other organizational values of teamwork, leadership, empowerment and service quality and encompasses the way we work, the work environment, and respect for people and ideas. Diversity includes everyone and everything. While its major focus may often revolve around race and gender, it is not something that is defined, or limited to these two factors. Diversity also extends to age, personal and work history, education, function, personality, geographic origin, tenure with the organization, merit and non-merit status, and management or non-management position. It also encompasses varying management styles and ways of thinking, leadership abilities, skill levels, experiences, viewpoints, expression of thoughts and differing ways of delivering services, provided there is consistency in the values we share.



Employee Suggestion System

Earn up to $2,500 just for your good ideas! Because our team members know best, monetary incentives are awarded to those who share ideas that will improve the productivity and services offered by the state.  

Governor's Ambassador Awards

At Team Kentucky, we celebrate you, your contributions, commitment, and achievements. Team members who have significantly and positively impacted the lives of their co-workers, customers, or community are recognized each year through the Governor's Ambassador Award program. Awards are provided in the areas of customer service, courage, leadership, professional achievement, teamwork or community service and volunteerism.



Businesses throughout Kentucky are showing their appreciation by offering Commonwealth employee discounts. Enjoy great perks at retail stores, state parks, resorts and sporting events!

Service Certificates

Recognizing Kentucky's career public servants. Many Team Kentucky members have dedicated their career to public service. To commemorate and thank them, service certificates are awarded every 5-10 years. Upon retirement, you'll receive a retirement certificate and letter from the governor.

Public Service Recognition Week

A special week to honor you! This week is devoted to recognizing public servants for their dedication and commitment. Throughout the week, agencies are encouraged to find innovative ways to celebrate and recognize employees for the broad variety of services they provide.

Anderson Laureate Award

In memory of the late Charles W. Anderson, Jr. the Commonwealth honors those who make contributions benefiting at least one of the eight EEO protected classes (race, color, national origin, disability, religion, gender, genetic information and age).

Kentucky Flag

State Service

The Commonwealth, the state’s largest employer, offers team members a satisfying career in civil service. Whether you are helping to provide essential benefits to children, generating job growth, protecting the most vulnerable or building Kentucky roads and facilities, your contribution is making a difference in the lives of your fellow Kentuckians.


State Employment

The majority of employment positions with the Commonwealth are within the merit system, a system administered by the Personnel Cabinet under KRS Chapter 18A. It is a goal of the Personnel Cabinet to provide applicants, as well as state government agencies, the most effective and efficient resources necessary to attract and retain a diverse, motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable workforce. The unclassified system includes positions not under the merit system hiring process, such as the staffs of the governor and lieutenant governor, policy-making managers and agency leaders. (See KRS 18A.115.)


Employment Options

Knowing what types of employment are available is important to help you make career choices. The Commonwealth offers the following employment options: merit employees, interim, co-op/interns, Federally Funded Time Limited (FFTL), non-merit, Grant Funded Time Limited (GFTL).




Grow, learn, achieve. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for professional growth and development through a variety of technical, professional and managerial seminars, conferences and continuing education classes. The Commonwealth offers over 100 training courses for employees, managers and for agencies. Once you're a member of our team you will have access to a training liaison who will show you how to enroll through the Personnel Cabinet's Governmental Services Center.



Worksite Wellness

Healthy and happy! With wellness programs that reward healthy activity, top-notch health insurance, on-site health clinics, prevention and support programs, wellness breaks and agency supported activities, we know the well-being of our employees comes first.​


Worklife Balance

We know life can be hectic and involves other important priorities. That's why we encourage our team members to use the assistance options at hand when needed, and to choose flexible options that fit their lifestyle - at work and at home.


Flexible Work Options

We recognize the importance of flexibility when juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. Team Kentucky offers flexible work schedules, compressed work weeks and telecommuting to give our employees control over their schedules.


Kentucky Employee Assistance Program (KEAP)

Dedicated to helping employees find solutions to personal issues that may hinder their effectiveness at work, we offer professional, confidential services including grief assistance, crisis intervention, referral, and education at no cost to you.


Kentucky Employee Mediation Program (KEMP) and Workplace Resolutions

Even in the best environments, teams will face challenges. That’s why Kentucky provides a professional, proven mediation and workplace resolution program, with trained, unbiased mediators who can assist in moving a team from conflict to shared goal.