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Types of Job Vacancies Advertised

The Career Opportunities System (COS) features several different types of job postings or advertisements. The most common job posting type is a 10-day posting but there are several other types available to applicants:


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An Immediate Fill posting represents a job classification title that is continuously advertised in anticipation of a future vacancy. Some agencies have a consistent and/or critical need for these types of jobs. Applications are accepted at all times, regardless of whether an actual vacancy exists. When a hiring agency notifies the Personnel Cabinet of a vacancy for an Immediate Fill title, the approved applicants with the county choice (designated on an applicant's COS application) matching the vacancy location are referred to the hiring agency for potential interview consideration.  In order to maintain a current applicant pool, new Immediate Fill postings are created every 6 months and applicants who are interested need to apply to the new posting to remain eligible.   View all Immediate Fill Job Class Specifications.  Click here for more information about the Immediate Fill hiring process. 


A regular or 10-Day posting is a job vacancy announcement which, as its name indicates, is posted on COS for a minimum of 10 calendar days. These postings can be further designated into two distinct categories:  

A promotional vacancy is only open to current state employees with merit status, who are also known as internal mobility candidates; external candidates may not apply and cannot be considered.  FFTL, interim, non-merit, and employees on initial probation do not have merit status and therefore are not eligible to be considered for promotional job advertisements.  Part-time employees with merit status are only eligible for consideration for part-time internal mobility postings.  

A competitive vacancy is open to all candidates; anyone who meets minimum requirements may apply to competitive job postings, including internal mobility candidates. 


Unclassified- (Non-merit) Governor Appointed

Unclassified- (Non-merit) Other:

Federally Funded Time-Limited or FFTL positions are funded 100% by a federal grant or grants and are unclassified.  Although not required, an FFTL position may be posted on COS.  Any candidate who meets the minimum requirements may be appointed and is not required to apply to the posted position.


Grant Funded Time-Limited or GFTL positions are similar to FFTL positions, with the central distinction being a difference from where the funds are obtained and the means by which they are obtained (grants versus regular government dispersion). They too, are unclassified.  Also, GFTL positions are limited for use by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, whereas FFTL positions may be used by any agency.  


An Interim vacancy, or temporary position, lasts less than 9 months. This type of employment opportunity may exist throughout the state and can be advertised at any time. Typically, these positions become available in spring and summer primarily in state parks. Interim positions may be posted in COS. However, unlike merit positions, Interim positions are not required to be posted in COS, although agencies may choose to do so to aid in recruiting.  Applicants may apply directly with an office or agency when looking for an interim position.  


A Co-op/Intern posting represents a recruitment tool for the Kentucky Co-op/Intern Program and is not necessarily an advertisement for an actual vacancy. The program serves as a way for Kentucky students to obtain practical on-the-job experience and academic credit as part of their education. Co-op/Interns are employees in the unclassified service (without merit status). Read more.  


Non-merit vacancies may be advertised on careers.ky.gov, but are not included in the vacancies list in COS.  Non-merit jobs have the distinction of being unclassified service, though they may utilize job classifications from the classified service.  Interested applicants should follow the directions included in the advertisement to apply directly with the hiring agency.  Click here to view non-merit vacancies. 


There are state agencies in which some or all positions are selected by a hiring process not subject to the rules governing the merit system.  Click here to access links to their websites.