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Job Seeker Tips​


Utilize the Job Search Agent

The job listings are updated daily. Rather than spending all your time looking at the job openings every day,
you can set up job alerts. Job alerts will automatically email you each time a position opens in the criteria you have chosen.

Complete the Application in its Entirety When Applying

Résumés are not accepted in lieu of the application and “See Résumé" is not acceptable. You cannot make edits to applications once you have applied. Any information must be on the application for qualifying credit. It is acceptableto attach a résumé; however, please ensure all pertinent information is listed on the application form.

Read the Minimum Requirements and Job Duties before Applying

Each job listing has a unique “Minimum Education and Experience Requirements” section. Please review prior to applying to be sure you meet the requirements for the job and to be sure you are truly interested in the job, based on the duties.


A great way to get your application passed over by a hiring manager is to have numerous spelling  and grammatical errors. Double check your application before submitting and even better, have someone  else proofread it for errors.

Do Not Falsify Any Information

Be truthful about your work experience, education, and other information. The Commonwealthof Kentucky can verify application information and if any information is determined to be false, your job offer can be rescinded or if you are already employed, you can be dismissed.

Sell Yourself

You are competing against other applicants. You can reach out to the contact person on each job posting to request an interview. This is not a guarantee of an interview but is a way to be pro-active in your job search.

What Happens After I Apply

The hiring agency has 90 days to fill the position. All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. Selected applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for next steps in the selection process.  Applicants who are not selected to move forward will not receive notification.

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