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Registered Nurse

Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) is looking for a Registered Nurse at the Audubon Youth Development Center (YDC) located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice operates seven secure Youth Development Centers that provide secure detention to all counties in Kentucky. The Youth Development Centers provide programs with a wide range of services including: education, counseling, acute medical and mental health care, behavior management, observation and assessment, as well as continuous supervision.  Audubon Youth Development Center is a 50 - bed facility and serves males ages 12 to 18.

In this position, you would provide professional nursing services to juveniles served in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility and oversee sub-professional staff in the implementation of nursing policies and procedures.  


Your job duties would include:

          • Reviews & accesses medical records of DJJ juveniles & attends to & supervises their medical needs.
          • Carries out physician orders, carries out OSHA regulations and standards. 
          • Maintains medication administration records & destroys unused medications according to medical requirements.
          • Maintains medical supply inventory and order as needed.
          • Completes medical incident reports and reports unusual medical conditions.
          • Coordinates emergency medical situations/hospital admissions.
          • Provides medical training to staff such as first aide, CPR, medication administration and provides in-service prevention in health care training. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Go to the Career Opportunities System (COS) and click 'Search Openings' to view and apply to this vacancy.  The Requisition number is 50844BR.  The deadline to submit your COS application in order to be eligible for consideration is November 28, 2016. 

Minimum or Special Requirements:
Must be licensed in Kentucky as a registered nurse or possess a valid work permit issued by the Kentucky Board of Nursing.  

Kentucky Revised Statutes:
KRS Chapter 314.041 Registered Nurses—Practical Nurses   http://www.lrc.state.ky.us/KRS/314-00/041.PDF
KRS Chapter 314.101 Excepted activities and practices -- Work permits -- Withdrawal of
temporary work permits.  http://www.lrc.state.ky.us/KRS/314-00/101.PDF
Kentucky Administrative Regulations:
201 KAR 20:070. Licensure by examination.  http://www.lrc.ky.gov/kar/201/020/070.htm
Kentucky Board of Nursing website  http://www.kbn.ky.gov/
Click here to view the complete job specification on the Personnel Cabinet Website.   

Audubon Youth Development Center
8711 La Grange Road
Louisville, KY

Meet the Staff


Stacey Inman, Nurse Shift Program Supervisor
Ms. Inman has a BSN from the University of Louisville and has been with DJJ since September 2013.  Ms. Inman, an employee at Audubon Youth Development Center, offered to share some of her thoughts about working in this program.
What is the best part of this job?
"I work with boys aged 12 to 18.  The best part of the job is providing health care, as well as teaching healthy lifestyles to our youth."

Why did you choose this job?
"I enjoy the combination of providing healthcare & teaching & this job provides an opportunity for both!"   
What do you feel is the most satisfying part of the job?
"The most satisfying part of this job is being able to feel that you make a difference in the lives of Kentucky's youth."
Can you describe a 'typical day'?
"There is no typical day – every day brings different challenges & rewards.  Some of our duties are passing meds, conducting sick call, determining when youth need outside medical attention and working with outside providers to ensure that the youths' needs are met, participating in treatment team, keeping vaccinations up-to-date, working closely with medical & psychiatric providers to ensure that the youth receive the best care, & educating youth on medications & disease processes."

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