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How to receive Veterans’ Preference:

1. Find out if you or a member of your family qualifies for Veterans’ Preference.   Click here

2. Determine what documentation is required for you to receive Veterans’ Preference.  Click here

3. Send the required documentation to receive Veterans' Preference status.  Click here

4. Search and apply for a job, for which you meet minimum requirements.

5. When a register (official list of individuals who apply to a job vacancy) is sent to the hiring agency by the Personnel Cabinet, all candidates who qualify for Veterans’ Preference and have submitted the required documentation to claim it, shall be appropriately identified.

6. If there are more than five (5) candidates on the register identified as having Veterans’ Preference, the hiring agency shall offer an interview to a minimum of five (5) individuals including current state employees.

7. Should there be fewer than five (5) candidates entitled to Veterans’ Preference on the register, the hiring agency shall offer an interview to those individuals.

8. Being offered an interview does not guarantee employment. Veterans should be prepared, like all other candidates, to market their education, experience and skill sets throughout the application and interview process.