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​Job Titles requiring a High School Diploma

Minimum education requirements are met with a high school diploma or GED and no experience is required. However, some job classifications have special requirements in addition to the high school diploma requirement. This list should be used for reference only; Please see the job class specification list for complete minimum requirement details. This list is not a vacancy list and is subject to change without notice.


Agricultural Inspector I

Airport Flight line Attendant I

Artisan Center Sales and Service Associate I

Boiler Operator I

Correctional Officer

CVE Inspector I

Dental Aide

Driver's Test Administrator

Electronic Technician I

Elevator Inspector I

Facilities Security Officer I

Fish and Wildlife Technician I

Highway Equipment Operator I

Houseparent I

Mounted Patrol Officer Recruit

Office Support Assistant I

Park Desk Clerk

Patient Aide I

Postal Technician I

Production Technician I

Resource Recovery Worker I

Student Development Associate

Teacher's Aide

Tour Guide

Transportation Engineer Assistant I

Travel Host

Vending Machine Technician I

Youth Worker I