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Job Titles which require a Bachelor's Degree

Minimum education requirements are met with an accredited bachelor's degree and no experience is required. However, some job titles have special requirements in addition to the bachelor's degree requirement. This list should be used for reference only. Please see the job class specification list for complete minimum requirement details. This is not a vacancy list and is subject to change without notice. ​


Account Specialist I

Administrative Specialist I

Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator

Case Management Specialist I

Charitable Gaming Compliance Officer I

Classification and Treatment Officer I

Consumer Complaint Investigator I

Corrections Recreation Leader

Criminal Intelligence Analyst I

Disability Adjudicator I

Economic Development Representative I

Event Coordinator I

Health & Family Services OIG Special Investigator I

Human Resource Specialist I

Information Officer I

Investigator I

Local Government Advisor I

Medicaid Services Specialist I

Mental Health Program Educator/Coordinator

Micrographics Quality Assur Specialist

Network Analyst   I

Network Technician II

Offender Information Specialist I

OSH Compliance Officer I

OSH Safety Consultant I

Park Manager I/Historic Site Manager

Parole Board Specialist I

Planner I

Probation and Parole Officer I

Probation and Parole Investigator

Production Specialist I

Programmer/Analyst I

Property Officer I

Public Accounts Performance Auditor I

Purchasing Associate

Records Management Analyst I

Rehabilitation Instructor I

Research Analyst I

Revenue Program Officer

Right-of-Way Agent I

Sales Representative

Special Investigative Agent I

STD Investigator Counselor I

Student Loan Program Reviewer I

Systems Analyst I

Systems Support Technician I

Tourism Marketing Specialist I

Training Development Specialist I

Travel Promotion Specialist I

Utility Regulatory & Safety Investigator I

Victims' Advocate I

Workforce Research Analyst I