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Immediate Fill Job Advertisements

What are Immediate Fill Job Titles

The Immediate Fill job titles advertised in the vacancy listings are not actual vacancies.  These job titles are designated with Immediate Fill status because of a consistent or critical need for employees in these roles.  These job titles are advertised continuously, and applicants are free to apply to them at any time.  When an agency has a vacancy for one of these job titles, a list of eligible candidates is sent to the agency without advertising the vacancy.

How Quickly are Applicants Selected for Appointment to Immediate Fill Job Titles

Applicants are contacted by the hiring agency and considered for appointment depending on the agency’s staffing needs.  The term immediate fill refers to how quickly the Personnel Cabinet provides the hiring agency with the list of eligible applicants known as the Register.

How Long is a Submission to an Immediate Fill Advertisement Valid

Submissions to Immediate Fill job advertisements are valid up to six months.  The Personnel Cabinet reissues the postings for Immediate Fills on a 6-month cycle to ensure they receive an interested applicant pool.  The requirement for applicants to periodically reapply is standard practice.  Information on the field titled “Description of Job Duties” on the new postings identifies the length of time a new submission will remain valid.

County Choice Listed on Application is Important for Immediate Fill Eligibility

It is necessary for applicants who apply to Immediate Fill titles to indicate the counties in which they are willing to work on their application.  Not all counties utilize Immediate Fill titles.  Please select your counties by holding the Ctrl key while selecting each response.

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