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In this section, applicants are asked questions regarding their conviction history, if any exists. Applicants must provide a complete list of all convictions of any crime, other than a minor traffic violation. Applicants must provide: (1) conviction; (2) date of conviction; (3) county of conviction; and (4) state of conviction. Applicants must list all convictions on every application even if they have been previously disclosed.

A conviction is not an automatic rejection. However, an applicant may be rejected for failure to provide an accurate list of all criminal convictions. If an applicant does not know all of the required information of a conviction, or if the applicant is unsure whether they have recalled each conviction, the applicant should obtain a copy of their criminal background record prior to submitting the application. For more information on requesting Kentucky criminal records, go to the Administrative Office of the Court's website. To request criminal records from other states, an applicant should contact the appropriate court in that state for more information.

Criminal background records will be requested and reviewed by the Personnel Cabinet to ensure accurate reporting by the applicant.

The Personnel Cabinet will review an applicant’s criminal background history and determine if the applicant should be eligible for employment in that particular position, pursuant to KRS 18A.032 and 335B.020.

Have You Ever Been Convicted of Violating Any Law Other Than Minor Traffic Violations?
REQUIRED FIELD – “Convicted of violating any law” includes convictions for misdemeanors, felonies and violations. Such convictions include, but are not limited to, the following: trespassing, theft, assault, harassment, contempt, driving under the influence (DUI), any conviction involving alcohol or drugs, etc. Minor traffic violations should not be included. Minor traffic violations include, but are not limited to, the following: speeding, parking violation, non-moving traffic violation, etc.

A plea of “guilty” (including an Alford Plea) entered in court or a finding of “guilty” by a court is a conviction.

Diversion Program: An applicant who is currently enrolled in a “pretrial diversion program” for a crime is deemed to have entered a conditional plea of “guilty” to the crime. An applicant should list the conviction on the application and indicate that the applicant has entered a diversion program.

Expunged Conviction: An applicant who has had a misdemeanor or violation expunged by a court of law is not required to include the conviction on the application, nor does the applicant need to mark that they have been convicted of violating any law. However, if there are additional convictions which have not been expunged, an applicant must include each of these additional convictions.

Pardoned Conviction: An applicant who has had a felony conviction fully or partially pardoned by the Governor of Kentucky pursuant to Section 77 of the Kentucky Constitution and/or KRS 196.045 must indicate that he or she has been convicted of violating any law and must include the felony conviction on the application.

Available responses:

              • Yes
              • No

If Yes, List Conviction
If you answered “Yes” to ever being convicted of violating any law, each conviction must be listed (one conviction per field). Minor traffic violations should not be included (minor traffic violations include speeding, parking violation, etc.).

Indicate the exact month, day, and year of your conviction.

List the city in which you were convicted.

Select the state in which you were convicted.

If Other Convictions Not Listed Above, List ALL; Including Date, City and State
List any other convictions that are not listed in the fields above. The date, city, and state must be listed for each conviction.