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COS Troubleshooting Guide for Applicants

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Name and address is missing from the application.

This occurs when an applicant creates an account and completes the application, but does not apply to a job.  The contact information will not auto-populate the application until the individual edits/re-saves the information or applies to a posted vacancy. 

Login to COS, click Edit your profile, click the application tab, and then save the application.  If that does not resolve the issue, email CosHelp@ky.gov.


All information entered in the application has disappeared. 

Applying to a job posting before completing your COS application.  If an applicant applies to a job posting without having first completed their application, they will not be presented the Save button and therefore the application will 'time out' and the entered information will be lost.

Follow the steps for creating a COS account, then submit/apply to vacancy postings.  By doing so, you will have the opportunity to save your entered information after you complete the required fields, which are marked with an asterisk.


​The 12 employment history sections have been used but more employment history exists.  

​The applicant has had more than 12 jobs.

​Additional information can be entered in the field below the employment history section that states “List any other education, training, licenses, or work experience not disclosed above in this section.” Be sure to include dates of employment, hours per week and job duties for each additional work history listed in this section.


​A first-time applicant creates a COS account or a returning applicant logs into their account but cannot determine how to access the application or to edit and make changes to the application.

​Overlooking the gray Application tab or the Edit Your Profile option after creating an account or log into your account.

​Log into your COS account and click Edit Your Profile.  Then click the gray Application Tab above your first name.  This will allow you to access the application to enter information and make edits.  After you have completed your edits, scroll to the bottom and click save.  Remember to click the save button every 15-20 minutes to avoid having your session timeout.

​Applying to Jobs

​The applicant is attempting to apply to a job but cannot advance beyond continue.

​The applicant has not created a COS account or completed the application before clicking apply to job

​Access 'how-to' instructions on the careers.ky.gov website.  Click the Resource Center and choose COS New User topic from the dropdown list, review the instructions and follow the steps provided.


​The applicant does not receive system communications, including password reset emails and new job posting notifications.

​The emails may be going to quarantine or a junk folder.  Or, the email address associated with the applicant's account is incorrect.

​Confirm that emails are not being routed to junk folders and also check the email address to confirm it is correct.  If that does not resolve the issue, email CosHelp@ky.gov.

​Error Message

​An error message appears on the screen indicating there has been a system issue encountered.  All information entered on the application is gone. 

​Not clicking the save button periodically when filling out the application causing the session to time out for security purposes.                                            

​Unfortunately, lost application data cannot be recovered.  In order to complete an application, log into your COS account, click Edit Your Profile, and enter your contact information and click save.  In the next window, answer the red asterisk questions, then scroll to the bottom and save and click continue. When completing the remainder of the application, save every 15-20 minutes to prevent loss of information.  Additional help can be found at https://careers.ky.gov/Pages/newusers.aspx


​The applicant sees a blank, white screen after logging into their COS account.

​The Internet Explorer web browser is not set for Compatibility View.

​Activate the Compatibility View for brassring.com, the COS vendor web address.


​The applicant receives this message when trying to access their account and cannot log in:  We were unable to find that e-mail and password in our system.

​The username (email) and password are case sensitive and must match the password associated with the account.  

​Click the Forgot your password? link.  An email will be sent to your contact email address with instructions.                                                        Please note:  after three unsuccessful attempts to log into your account, your account will be locked for 30 minutes for security purposes.


​Receiving an error message when trying to log in and then after clicking the Forgot Your Username? or Forgot Your Password? link being prompted to answer security questions.

​When creating your account, only answering the security questions without entering your contact information, which includes an email address, and not having completed the application.

​When clicking the Forgot Your Password? link, a message on the screen will prompt you to answer security questions and then you can change your password. Until you enter a contact email, you will not receive password reset emails. 


​The application will not print.

​You have not generated the print link that will send a link to printing the application to your contact email address.

​Log into your COS account, click Edit Your Profile, click the gray Application Tab above your first name, scroll to the bottom and click save, and then choose the link “Application PDF Print”.  The print link will be sent to your contact email address.  


​When trying to print an application as a pdf document, the window acts like it is going to open, but then disappears.

​The pop-up blocker is preventing the window from opening.

​Set a pop-up blocker exception for *.brassring.com by disabling this pop-up blocker. Instructions: Open your Internet Browser, click Tools, Internet options, click the Privacy tab, and click the Settings button. The Pop-up blocker setting dialog box will display. Click in the address of the website to allow field and enter *brassring.com. Click the add button, click the close button, then click OK.


​The print request link never appears in my contact email in-box .

​The contact email you have entered is not valid. OR The link was generated and sent to your spam/junk mail folder. 

​Check to make sure the email account is the same one you have listed as your contact email in COS.  Check to make sure it is an active account. Check the spam/junk mail folder for the print link. 

​Job Posting Details

​The applicant has applied to a job vacancy announcement that is now closed and would like to access information that appeared in the posting, such as job location, agency name or contact person. 

​The posting end date has passed and the job no longer appears in the vacancy listings.

​Log into your account.  Click the résumés/CV Manager link, then click view submissions.  The job vacancy announcement information will then be accessible.

​Job Submission Status

​The information for the job posting cannot be accessed.

​There are three possible causes:

1-The job posting has closed and is no longer viewable through the Search Openings page.

2-The resume used to apply to the position has been deleted from the account by the applicant.

 3-Trying to access the information incorrectly by clicking on the job posting through the Job Submission Status link.


1-Previous job posting information (including agency contacts) may be accessed by logging into the account and clicking on the ‘Resume/CV Manager’ link, then click on ‘View Submissions’ to view the posting and all information originally associated with it.

 2-If the resume used to apply to the position has been deleted, call 502-564-8030 for assistance.

3- The job positing information cannot be accessed through the Job Submission Status link.

​Job Submission Status

​The job posting has closed and the applicant would like to know the status of their application OR when accessing the job submission status for that job posting the applicant does not understand what the status means.  

​The applicant has not clicked on the Job Submission Status link or clicked the definitions tab at the top of the Job submission page.

​Log into your COS account and click on the Job Submission Status Link to view the status of the application. If you need help understanding a definition, click the link at the top of the Job Submission Page within your account. This feature allows you to check the status of your submission and learn more about the status displayed.   

​Résumé and Cover Letter

​The applicant is unable to upload an additional cover letter and/or résumé to their account OR is unable to determine how to delete a current cover letter and/or résumé.

​The applicant is attempting to upload a new cover letter and/or résumé and is not being allowed to do so because they already have reached the maximum number of documents permitted.

​To delete résumé and/or cover letters from your profile, log into your COS account and click on the ‘résumé/CV Manager’ link in the list of main menu options down the left-hand margin of the screen. Once initialized, select the item you wish to delete and then click the ‘trash can’ icon, located near the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Applicants can store up to 5 documents at a time and cannot delete cover letters or résumés while applying to a position.

               Résumé and Cover Letter

The applicant submitted a cover letter and/or résumé when applying to a job and would later like to make a change.

​The applicant is attempting to change the cover letter and/or résumé originally submitted to a job posting and is not being allowed to do so.

​Unfortunately, it is not possible to upload a résumé or cover letter to a previously submitted job posting. You may, however, submit a résumé or cover letter directly to the ‘agency contact’ listed on the job posting.